Chicken Sausage

chkn saus_Ss2i

I have to come up with a better name.  That name is just not represent of this great dish.

I love this dish because I can make it ahead of time, and it is no fuss upon dinner time.  It’s perfect for guests.  It takes 15 minutes to thunk into a pot of boiling water.  Whip up a sauce and a side, and you’re all set.

The fillings can vary to your hearts content, but I like the color and taste of spinach, roasted red pepper, and sausage filling.  I simply pound down my chicken breast (or thigh) and line it with a few raw leaves of spinach, a scattering of peeled roasted red peppers (julienned), and some cooked sausage.  I place the breast (with filling) onto a sheet of plastic wrap and just roll it up, as tightly as I can.  Making sure that both ends of the chicken meet, so that it completely encases the filling.  Then I tie knots on the each end as close as possible to the sausage.  They can be frozen raw at this point, ready to take out for a quick great meal.  At dinner time, bring a pot of water to boil and boil for 15 minutes.  Remove, and allow to sit for a couple minutes before slicing.  Remove plastic and discard.  Serve over rice, orzo, spinach, etc.


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