Sous vide tuna

sous vide tuna

This is my first time sous vide’g a fresh tuna.  We keep sushi grade tuna on hand (in our freezer) for sushi fixings.  We buy a large box of it every time we go to Pt Loma Seafoods just outside of San Diego.  I love that we can have sushi at our whim.  Yum!

I saw this Thomas Keller recipe in his sous vide book, UnderPressure, and thought we’d give it a try. The tuna is seasoned with salt and pepper and put in a food saver vacuum bag with a little olive oil and then cooked at 139.1F for 13 minutes.  While it was boiling away in it’s bag at it’s set temp, I made the side… and Mediterranean medley of sautéed dice of eggplant, tossed with raw tomatoes, pitted olives, basil, and roasted pine nuts.  I tossed the medley with a little basil olive oil, and salt. The eggplant medley was easy to make and worth the recipe all by itself.  It was very tasty.

I plated the medley atop a scattering of raw spinach, and then put the tuna on top.

The tuna was luscious and tender.  Honestly though, I’d have been just as happy with a seared rare tuna over that delicious eggplant side.  It was a delicious dish.

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