Salt Rock Tuna


If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ve noticed I love my Pt Loma sushi grade tuna… and my salt.

So it’s only natural, that I love this dish.  Himalayan salt is all the rage these days.  You see these salt rocks made into lamps (way cool), sold in jars for salt, or hunks with a grater to grate your own salt…. or as salt rocks.  Well, yes, Salt does Rock… but I digress.  There are even increasingly more cookbooks dedicated to these salt rocks.

I like to put my fresh sushi grade tuna directly on the salt rock.  Layer each piece of tuna over the preceding piece of tuna, in this way only the bottom piece gets full exposure to the salt rock.  When you take it, the next piece of tuna in line falls into direct full contact with the salt rock.  The salt rock does add a lot of salt, so you don’t want the meat to be exposed for too long directly on the salt rock or it will be too salty.

I scatter orange and lime zest over the the top with a sprinkling of tajin chili lime seasoning.  No salt needed, as the salt rock does it’s part.  Sprinkle with a little flavored olive oil, and green onions if you like.

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