Gyro meat

We have a lot of guests for lunch.  We like making a hot lunch, as for us it seems more special than a cold sandwich.  So I’m always on the look out for lunch ideas.  While in Flagstaff the other day we stopped at Taverna and did the head thunk… wish I’d had a Gyro.  Next time.  But it lead to this conversation about, hey… that would be a great lunch!  Wonder if we can make that at home? Hmmm.

Well, as it turns out.  You can!

We went to Costco and picked up a boneless leg of lamb and a pork butt.  We thought pork butt would give the gyro meat some needed richness and nice texture.  We did a mixture of 2 parts lamb / 1 part pork, which we ground ourselves with a bunch of garlic, some oregano, marjoram, rosemary, kosher salt, and pepper.  We refrigerated it while we grated some asiago cheese, and grated some onion.  We lined some baking loaf pans with foil and readied them for our gyro mixture.  Basically we made thin (about 2″ tall) gyro meatloaf.

We added the seasoned ground meat to our grated cheese, a little water, and the grated onion (which we drained the juice out of), and blended it all together with our mixer.  Then put it in the loaf pan and baked it in a bain marie (with cold water) for an hour.

We followed Alton Brown’s suggestion and put a brick (wrapped in foil) on top of the cooked gyro meatloaf until cooled.  Then refrigerated and sliced thin.  We then pan seared it to get that crispy edge.  Yum.  Next up pita’s!

gyro meat_Ssi

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