Nobu at Hard Rock Hotel, Vegas

It took me awhile to acquire a taste for sushi, but now that I have, I can’t get enough.

Well… that’s not altogether true.  I hated sushi.  Yuck.  Raw fish.  Ewwww.  I never really even tried it.  The very idea of it alone just revolted me.  That is until some kind soul took pity on us, and decided to show us the error of our ways.  He took us out for sushi and ordered for us, easing us into the experience and described with great detail the euphoria of the freshest and loveliest fish; the pop and excitement of caviar (yes, fish eggs); and the luscious sweet / saltiness of the accompanying rice.  I don’t think we adequately thanked him for his gift of sushi.  I can’t imagine my culinary world without it in it.  I just love the freshness and tender luscious bites it yields.

Since then we have come to appreciate all kinds of food… and all kinds of Japanese food, much of which isn’t even sushi.  We’re fortunate enough to have a grand sushi master in AZ… our own Nobuo at Teeter House.  But then I digress.  This is about THE Nobu.  Nobu Matsuhisa, the acclaimed Michelin starred chef and restaurateur of some dozen or so Nobu restaurants around the world.

sushi chefs_Ssi

So when we saw a Travelzoo coupon for Nobu in Vegas… around Christmas time no less, it was a two-fer.  We’d get an amazing meal AND get to see the Christmas decorations in the over the top city of lights, Vegas.

The meal, in short, was everything is promised to be, and more.  Any meal that has me wanting to go home and seek out his recipes and cook them at home, is well… a success.

dining rm_Ssi

We started with warm edamame with course sea salt.

Then quickly moved into our parade of courses:

hamachi_Ssi Hamachi (yellowfin tuna) with yuzu soy, japapeno, and cilantro.  Wonderful!

lobster tacos_Ssi Beef short rib tacos… tender and crunchy.

lobster wraps_Ssi Lobster lettuce wraps.  Yum!

shrimp tempura_Ssi Shriimp tempura with spicy mayo.  OMG good!

black cod_Ssi Miso Black Cod, Nobu’s signature dish, and rightfully so.  I have to make this at home.  It was tender, succulent, and spot on perfectly delicious.

sushi_Ssi Perfect sushi

dessert_Ssi Divine dessert.  The cappuccino cup was a tiramisu of sorts.. and delicious.

Nobu’s sushi is fresh and perfectly executed.  The flavors are perfect.

The service was amazing.   It was a fun and super delicious experience.  We were very glad we went.

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