Nobu’s Miso Cod

After tasting Nobu Matsuhisa’s signature dish, miso black cod, I just knew we had to make it at home.  We stopped at the Asian market and picked up a nice piece of white fish and when we got home we proceeded to marinade it.  I reduced Nobu’s recipe from the gigantic proportions to something for our two pieces of fish: 1 T. sugar, 2 T. miso, 1 t. sake, 1 t. mirin.  I whisked them together in a little prep bowl and microwaved to warm the mixture and dissolve the sugar.  I stirred until all the sugar granules were gone.  Once it cooled.  I put my two pieces of white fish in a quart size baggie, and added the marinade.  I swooshed it all around to make sure it coated the fish well.  I put it in the fridge and allowed to marinade for 2 days (next time I’d do 4 day marinade).

Then I baked it at 400F for 10 minutes.  The recipe directs you to put daikon skin over the top of the fish as it bakes.  I suspect this step is to keep the fish moist and keep it from drying out or burning.  I had bok choy, so I put bok choy leaves over the top (lettuce would do the same thing).  This step doesn’t impart any real flavor, it just protects the fish.  I then let it rest to finish cooking for 5 minutes.

miso bass_SsiIt was terrific!  It was silky, flavorful, and absolutely luscious.  DO make this at home.

The flavors were a bit subtle.  So next time I would marinade for 4 days, rather than the 2 day period I did.  Nobu’s recipe actually calls for 2 – 3 day marinade.  But the longer it marinades, the better the flavor.  It was easy to make, and really delicious.

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