Shrimp Risotto

I love risotto.  But I seldom make it.  I never make it for guests, as it is too much ‘on’ time.  It takes constantly stirring for 30 – 45 minutes.  I prefer to make my guests something that I can do prep ahead of time, making me free to do minimal assembly so that I can visit with my friends.

Risotto is like adult mac n cheese.  It’s that creamy, savory, yumminess with texture and flavor that is soothing and satisfying.  It’s not hard to make… but does require standing at the stove.  Pour a glass of wine, and stir away.


John’s a meat eater (literally a condition of our marriage!), so there is always some kind of meat on the plate.  In this case, I added both shrimp and bacon (which I sautéed in a separate pan), adding at the very end.

I sautéed an onion (diced) and garlic (minced) in olive oil until translucent, then added 1 c. arborio rice and sautéed briefly for a minute or so.  Then I splashed my wine in the pot (~1/2 c), allowing it to completely absorb until I began adding the chicken stock (4 cups total, warmed in pot or microwave).  I added ~1/2 – 1 c. of broth until completely absorbed. Then repeated… add broth, allow to absorb, add more broth, allow to absorb, etc… until all the broth is gone (4 parts broth to 1 part rice) and rice is tender. (This process will require constant stirring, and take approximately 30 – 45 minutes.)

While the rice is absorbing the broth and simmering away, I sautéed my bacon, with some garlic, and the shrimp.  Season.  Set aside.

Once risotto is tender, add cooked bacon / shrimp mixture + fresh tomatoes (optional) + fresh cut cilantro and parsley + 1/2 heavy cream + 1 lemon (zest and juice).  Salt to taste.  Enjoy.

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