Inside out sushi salad

Not all our friends like sushi.  But for those that do, we love to make what we call this ‘Inside Out Sushi Salad’.  I’ve never seemed to master the art of rolling rolls.  I have however, finally mastered the art of making good sushi rice, and poached shrimp (thanks to Hiro Sone of Terra Restaurant’s new sushi book, Sushi-Making at Home).

I plate a chopped salad on the bottom of a long ‘sushi plate’ and line it with tomatoes which lay the basis for a nice freshness and crunch.  On top of that I layer sushi rice, which I make in a simple electric rice cooker.  The secret of which is the salt-sugar-vinegar solution mixed into the cooked rice for that perfectly sweet / salty balance (1/2 c rice vinegar, 1/4 c sugar, 2-1/2 t kosher salt, 1 small piece of dashi – all melted together, then added to 2 c. cooked rice).

sushi salad_Ssi

On top of the rice I layer home smoked salmon, pear slices, tuna, avocado slice, poached shrimp.

Then I drizzle a soy sauce – yuzu dressing (1/2:1/2) over the fish, and smatter green onions and cilantro over top.

It’s always a hit, fairly easy to make on the spot, and deliciously fresh and texturally fun.

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