Madeleine Cookies

I don’t make a lot of different cookies.  We have those few favorites, and pretty much stick to those.  My all time favorites are the shortbread cookies John makes me every year at Christmas.  He only makes 1 – 2 dozen (at my request, otherwise I’d eat them all), and I’m the only one who ever sees them. He carefully dips each cookie in a molten milk chocolate (the only kind of chocolate I’ll eat) and dips them in pistachios.  It doesn’t take me long to devour them single handedly.

Then there are the kiefles we make every year at Christmas.  They are one of those ethnic memory kind of cookies.  My grandmother used to make them every year at Christmas.  So now I make them as part of our Christmas tradition.  They are more a pastry type cookie than a drop cookie.  Each ball of sour cream dough rolled out individually, stuffed with a nut-merengue, and each cookie rolled jelly roll style and then bent around into a horseshoe U-shape.  Each is baked and puffs up to a delicate meringue filling surrounded by a flaky crust around the outside.

We have our signature chocolate chip cookies that we are known for.  Everyone from our mail carrier, UPS, and every guest that comes through the house, gets a dozen chocolate chip cookies, as our sort of ‘thank you for coming’ tribute.  We bake tons of them throughout the year.

When in Paris, I remember these delicate airy ‘cookies’ called Madeleines.  They are shaped like a fan, and more a cake in a cookie size.  They have always reminded me of France… that understated delicate delight that is so alluring.  I’ve often thought of making them, but they require a special Madeleine pan, which I could never quite justify buying for one cookie…. until now.  I saw a recipe in a magazine lately, and decided to take the $15 plunge and buy not one, but 2 pans.

They came just today, and within 2 hours I was trying to keep myself from eating them all.


They were everything I remembered… light, airy, with a delightful lemony nuttiness.  Perfect.

Now having made them, I don’t see why you couldn’t just make a small loaf pan / cake with the recipe and just slice it.  But there is something about these little 2 bite morsels that just melt in your mouth.

I used the recipe from the box that the Norpro Madeleine Pan came in… and I’ll be making them again.

madeline screenshot

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