Scallop Spaghetti

scallop spag_SsiFull disclosure:  I love this dish!

It reminds me of sitting on the coast of Italy dining on this simple and elegant treat from the sea.  I can almost see the boats going by with their nets and fresh catches of the day.  Up the street is a little market with the freshest, ripest tomatoes, basil, and produce just picked.  This dish speaks to me of Italy, and an Italian seafood pasta.

I used Udon noodles, as they are a bit of a cross between fine spaghetti and the fatter fettucine.  Once they were boiled in salted water and just al dente, I drained them and then tossed them in a bowl with sherry wine vinegar, basil olive oil, toasted ground cumin, toasted ground, coriander, salt, pepper, and fresh chopped jalapeño.  The pasta at this point was already quite tasty… but, wait… don’t stop there.  There’s more.

I simmered a tomato sauce and added fresh chopped cilantro and fresh chopped jalapeño to make it a spicy fresh tomato sauce.

Then I sliced the scallops in half, seasoned them, and pan seared quickly so as not to over cook.

I plated the ‘spaghetti’, topped with the spicy tomato sauce, and the pan seared scallops.  I sprinkled fresh chopped tomatoes and cilantro (or use basil) around the plate, and drizzled with basil olive oil.

It was so ‘of the sea’ it took me back to Italy.  Very good.  I could have added capers and red pepper flakes as well.  Maybe next time.

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