Salmon Wellington

vday salmon wellington_Ssi

When I think about a special meal, I think of Beef Wellington.  Looking to lighten up our diets (and because we love fish and seafood), I planned a special meal by making a Salmon Wellington.

It surprised even myself with how easy it was to make… with the help of store bought frozen puff pastry.  I sautéed a mix of chopped mushrooms, a little onion, garlic and thyme in some butter until cooked through. I seasoned with salt and pepper and tasted to make sure it was the right flavor.  Then I seasoned the salmon.  I rolled out the puff pastry and piled some mushroom mix (officially called duxelle) on top of the puff pastry, then the raw seasoned salmon on top of the mushrooms.  I wrapped the salmon tightly as if a little package with the puff pastry.  Using an egg wash (egg & water) as glue on the overlapping seam.  I trimmed the puff pastry and used the trimming to make little ornaments on the top (gluing it down again with the egg wash).  Then brushed egg wash over the whole top.  I baked it at 425F for 20 minutes until browned on the outside… and it was perfectly tender… and delicious on the inside.. and out.

I served with a béchamel sauce flavored with some roasted tomato puree, and roast asparagus.

It was a hit!

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