Balsamic pearls

Along the same lines as agar spaghetti, is spherification.  It’s the same process, but instead of making your liquid into a long spaghetti strand solid… you can also make it into tiny spheres.  These spheres are often referred to as caviar… or pearls.  Think high tech fruit cocktail.  Juice cantaloupe, pear, grape, etc.  Add agar agar gelatin and using a pipette (or eye dropper), suck up the liquid and drop into cold oil (to allow to keep it’s spherical shape), then rinse in water… you have a fruit caviar.

I decided to make a strawberry balsamic salad.  I put my strawberries through my juicer, added agar agar and swirled it around my plate to coat the bottom of my plate.  Separately, I heated balsamic vinegar with agar agar, and using a pipette sucked up the balsamic and dropped it into oil, making my balsamic pearls or caviar.

strawberry bals_Ssi

I served it with a sliced strawberry and tossed a salad with lemon & oil + toasted pine nuts.

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