Zucchini Involtini

I love this season.  The weather is perfect, the flowers are blooming, and the vegetables are fresh and abundant.  A fresh salad, lettuce picked moments before right out of my own garden, accompanies every meal.  Our local farmers market comes weekly to supplement what my garden may not provide.  The freshness and flavor of ‘real’ vegetables (vs. store bought) is beauty on the palate.

zucc involtinii

I had some leftover pork and mushrooms, so I chopped it fine with some fresh red pepper and herbs, and rolled it in thinly sliced zucchini to make a Involtini… or stuffed zucchini roll.  After I rolled the thin zucchini with the filling, I drizzled olive oil, salt, and pepper over top, then baked it at 400F for 20 min to warm through.  Along with my fresh salad… it was absolutely fresh and delicious.

I made a dressing in the food processor, with a half onion, radish greens, lemon juice, orange juice, rice wine vinegar, mustard and avocado oil… it was fresh and vibrant… and went spectacular with the salad and involtini’s.

Pity there weren’t any leftovers… I’ll just have to make it again.

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