Salmon with Lemon-Herb Salsa


This dish was inspired by Suzanne Goin’s Sunday Supper at Lucques cookbook (my go to seafood recipe book) and her recipe for Halibut with fingerlings, fava beans, meyer lemon, and savory creme fraiche.  I didn’t have halibut, fingerling potatoes, fava beans, meyer lemons, or savory… but hey, I said ‘inspired’ by.

I did a little prep the morning of, making it easy to pull together at dinner time.

I chose this recipe for inspiration because of all the beautiful crisp snow peas growing in my garden. I made the ‘meyer’ lemon salsa with lemons and herbs I had on hand… segmenting regular lemons and adding a teaspoon of honey (subbing in for the sweeter meyer lemons), added finely chopped thyme, sage, parsley, basil, and green onions + the juice of the lemon (and zest) and roasted garlic olive oil, salt, and pepper.  It was a beautiful tasty vinaigrette.  I set it aside for the flavors to meld… and one less thing to do at dinner time.

I saved some of the chopped herbs and added them to creme fraiche (which I had made the day before with 1 c whipping cream, 1/4 c buttermilk, 1 T. lemon… left on the counter overnight to thicken).

At dinner time I baked some small yukon potatoes until stabbed tender with a fork.

I smashed them with the palm of my hand and pan seared them in butter, then added my cut up fresh snow peas until tender.  At the last minute I had several tablespoons of my lemon-herb salsa to the potato – snow pea mixture.  I pan seared a salmon until slightly rare (as it continues to cook off heat), and served atop my potato pea mixture and topped with some more salsa.  Then dolloped my herb creme fraiche around.

It was pretty to look at.. fresh, crunchy, savory, and delicious.    I love fresh out of the garden meals.. then don’t weigh on you, and are light to eat and full of fresh flavor.

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