Sole Trifold

Are you watching Jacques Pepin’s Heart & Soul PBS tv show?  He says this is his last. I’ll miss his wisdom, experience, and graciousness to share.   I have learned so very much from Jacques over the years, I feel so indebted to him… and want to have him over for dinner.  I’ll even cook!  I think I have made at least one thing from every episode already.  His recipes are so straight forward and approachable.

soletri.JPGI loved his dover sole dish. He sautés onion and garlic in a pan, adds a big splash of white wine and  broth, then his seasoned tri-folded dover sole.  It cook ever so slightly, about 1 -2 minutes, then flips. Then removes the fish and keeps warm.  In the meantime he simmers the broth down until mostly gone, and adds a couple tablespoons of butter making a beurre blanc sauce… and pours it over the warm fish.

I like to add colored finely diced peppers, and top with parsley and chives.  It’s  great over rice;  a delicious, easy to make fish dish.



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