Frontier Restaurant

Whenever I go through New Mexico, I have to stop for my fix at The Frontier Restaurant.  This place is a legend among Albuquerquens.

The Frontier Restaurant

Right across from the University of New Mexico campus, this institution and has been serving college kids, and business ‘suits’ side by side for over 45 years.  Their clientele is diverse and the menu pure New Mexican, pleasing all palates.


We were just going through Albuquerque on our way to (and from) Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge.  (Check out my post at ).  We stopped both coming and going, and even filled up for the trip home.  They are famous for their amazing looking huge cinnamon rolls, but we go for their green chile stew and breakfast burritos.  They serve vats of hot green chile sauce in the dining room to slather over your food to spice it up, in green chile style.

For lunch, their Frontier burrito with ground beef, cheddar, and green chile slathered in green chile sauce is hard to beat.  They even sell their burritos in 6 packs to go… so go prepared with your cooler, and get some for home… and friends.

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