Tortilla Soup


There’s something wonderful about warm soup on a cold day… and in the dead of winter when you have to get bundled up to go outside, there’s nothing better than something fresh, crunchy, and brothy.  I love the spicy broth that warms you inside and out… and the fresh ingredients that are served with to add freshness, flavor, and crunch.

You can serve the brothy soup in a bowl, and then people can add their own condiments.  OR.. we like serving the condiments in the bare bowl, then pouring a little glass carafe of warm soup over top.  Our normal condiments include:  fresh avocado, cilantro, chicken shards, and crisp tortilla strips.  But feel free to change it up.  Try bay shrimp or thin sliced beef… or green onions, green chilies, jalapenos, or roasted red chilies.

Soak 2 – 4 ancho chilies in hot water until fully pliable, about 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, saute chopped onion, and garlic in pot large enough for soup.

Add re-hydrated ancho chilies to blender or food processor, with 2 c. chicken broth,  2 fresh tomatoes (or 1 can tomatoes), onion, garlic, oregano, salt to taste.  Puree completely; strain.  Add back to onion pot to simmer briefly before serving.


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