Smoking Gun


Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 2.59.50 PM.png

For the person who has everything… I got something for Christmas that I’m fairly sure no one else on the mountain has… a smoking gun!

And by ‘smoking gun’, I don’t mean evidence of some insidious plot or nefarious misdoing.  It’s all about the food, or in this case, includes cocktails.  Think smoked margaritas, or smoked bourbon manhattans.  How about smoked scallops, duck breast, or tenderloin… without having to prime your coals for hours?

The device is simple.  Put fine wood chips in the small nozzle cavity.  Hook up the hose, and put it in your desired plate (or glass) of prepared food (or beverage), covered with a little plastic wrap.  Light the wood chips and turn on the smoker.  Instantly smoke wafts into and around the desired product.  Leave the plastic wrap (or foil) on for a couple minutes while the meat (or drink) rests… and no kidding… you can taste the smoke.

A little novelty?… perhaps.  Cool?.. Absolutely!



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