Valentine’s Day

So did you do something special for Valentine’s Day?  For some it’s just another day… a Hallmark holiday if you will.  For us, we celebrate every occasion… any excuse to celebrate works for us.  We have a special place we discovered… we call it Valentine’s Point… and we go there every year and have a nice lunch ‘out’.

vpt bigtreePSi.JPG

It’s peaceful and relaxing… and exclusive, as we have it all to ourselves.

For dinner, we made a milk braised salmon.  I sous vide it in a pouch with milk,  a little garlic and seasonings at 115F for 20 minutes.  While it was simmering away in it’s water bath, I made a quick pea puree, using frozen peas that I briefly blanched, added chicken broth, garlic, salt, and just a tablespoon of cream, and a small amount of olive oil.  Then I blanched some snap peas for crunch.


I also boiled some potatoes, put them through a ricer and added butter, parmesan, cream, salt, 1 egg, and flour.  Then rolled them into a ‘rope’ and cut them in segments, then pan fried them in butter to make a nice gnocchi.

It was delicious.  I loved the tender flakiness of the salmon.  It was melt in your mouth.  The peas popped in your mouth with a delightful crunch and freshness… and the gnocchi were creamy and light.  Definitely a make again.


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