WFO Ciabatta

Now that the snow has melted and the weather is getting nice (67F for a high today), we are practicing with the pizza oven or Wood Fired Oven (WFO).  Having made it last week, we learned to avoid a roaring fire as it acts as a broiler… the fire should be built up to get the whole oven hot… then simmered down to just coals.


That was the ticket… as it made the best pizza.  Crisp on the top, and bottom.


Now that we have pizza mastered, (albeit, we’ll need LOTS more practice I foresee) we want to move on to bread.  We heated the oven up to 1100F for the pizza.  After the pizza was done, we closed the door on the oven, and left it to keep in the heat overnight.

We made a 12hr rise dough overnight… then put the ciabatta loaves in a 430F oven this a.m.  The bread rose up like a big pillow.  The result was super crunchy exterior.. and soft delicate buttery interior with big holes.

wfo bread_Ssi.JPG


cut bread_Ssi.JPG

It was sooooo good.  OMG… this may be a problem!


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