Chicken & Egg

This is where I’m supposed to crack a joke about which came first.   Why choose.. have both!  I love eggs… any way you cook them… and chicken.

ckn cutlet egg_Ssi.JPG

So I boned out a chicken and fried up the skin in a 400F oven until crisp and served it on top as cracklings.

I pounded down the chicken pieces (thighs and breasts), seasoned them and then breaded them.  First in flour, then egg wash, then seasoned panko bread crumbs.  I fried them in ample hot oil in a pan until golden brown on both sides.

While they were frying I mixed up a nice salad of fresh mixed greens with a lemony mustard vinegarette, some tomatoes, nuts, and fresh radish.  I put the fried chicken cutlet on the plate first, then topped with the salad.. and then a fried egg.  Finally on top I sprinkled crushed cracklings (or use sautéed bread crumbs).

The salad gave the perfect balance and vinegar-y edge to the rich fried cutlet.  I love the crunch and tenderness of the chicken… and then the runny egg oozing throughout lended the perfect creaminess.

Yep… chicken AND the egg.  Why not?

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