Tomato Pie


If you love tomatoes, like I do… this pie is for you.

When I saw this recipe in Saveur magazine (},  I was sure it must have eggs in it, but it doesn’t.  This pie is pure tomato.  it uses a simple flour-salt-sugar-butter-cold water pie crust, which is pre-blind baked.  The filling is 3-parts:

(1)  chopped, seeded tomatoes tossed in salt & sugar and left to drain the juices out in a colander.

(2) chopped, and seeded tomatoes tossed in salt, thyme, and olive oil and roasted at 375F for 30 minutes

(3) thin sliced onion, slowly caramelized to a rich brown (about 30 minutes)

All the above elements are mixed together for the filling, with the addition of basil, sugar, and salt, and put in the pre baked pie crust.  As a final step the pie is topped with a mixture of mayo & cheese, and fresh tomato slices.  Bake the pie 375F for 30 min.

It is pure tomato essence.  The fresh and roasted tomatoes add a diversity in the the texture and flavor, along with the intensity of tomato-ness.  Delicious.






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