There’s salmon, then there’s Salmon

We love salmon.  There used to be a day I hated it.  Thank goodness I got over that!  It’s like the BEST fish (other than seabass that is).  It’s flakey, forgiving, versatile and delicious.  We live in AZ… so admittedly most of our salmon comes from Costco.  AND we’re cheap, we don’t generally pay $20/lb for high grade salmon that isn’t in our AZ grocery stores.

We are fortunate to be blessed with some great friends.  Our friends Marilyn & Darrow were very kind in sharing some amazing salmon that a friend of theirs had caught themselves.  When you get product like this, it must be properly honored.  So we opted to do a yogurt marinade to keep it luscious and bake it to assure it didn’t overcook.


What can I say?  OMG!  Wow.  Now that’s why you pay $20/lb for great salmon.  It was truly amazing.  Fantastic salmon.  Fresh, meaty, flakey, and luscious.

Fortunately we honored the product and didn’t overcook it.

We whipped up a yogurt sauce with grated cucumber, mustard, horseradish, chile garlic sauce, mint and dill (more or less a tzatziki sauce).  I used half of it to marinade the salmon for an hour or so… then baked on a foil lined cookie sheet with lots of sauce over the top at 400F for 8 minutes.  I reserved some sauce to serve with it… but it didn’t need it.  The baked on yogurt sauce had thickened to a wonderful glaze over the succulent, juicy filet.

Makes me want to go fishing for my own salmon to get more.

Thank you Marilyn & Darrow… you are too kind.  We certainly enjoyed your generosity.


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