Creamy Polenta and Shrimp

Some people call it Shrimp & Grits, call it what you want… I call it creamy goodness.


I know a lot of recipes call for water and corn meal / polenta.  I use half chicken broth (2 cups) and half milk (2 cups) for a 4:1 ratio to polenta (1 cup).  I find it adds a lot of flavor and richness to polenta.  I heat up the liquid, then add the polenta.  Stirring frequently, I stir until the polenta starts coming together and comes away from the wall of the pan, then I add an additional splash of milk, a tad of butter, and some white cheddar cheese, and stir to bring it all together. Remove from heat.

Meanwhile I do a stir fry of onion, garlic, red peppers, cilantro – sautéing until translucent… then I add some fresh shrimp and cook until the tails start to curl.

I put my garlic stir fry on top of my creamy polenta and dig in! 🙂

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