Dove Sole

I love fish.  It’s so fresh and light, and delicious.  I normally like doing sole meuniere with dover sole, but this recipe from Jacques Pepin is so easy and delicious I wanted to share.


You simple roll the dover sole filet (skinned side inside so that it doesn’t unspiral) and put it is a pan with a diced shallot and 1/2 – 1 c. white wine.  Cover pot and allow to simmer for a couple minutes until done.

In the meantime dice and saute garlic, chopped tomatoes and red / orange peppers in separate pan.

Remove the fish from pan and keep warm.

Add sauteed veg to cooking liquid from fish.  Allow to simmer until most of liquid is gone.  Then add 1 T butter and swirl around until melted.  Add to top of fish and serve.

You can serve with rice or like I have here… sauteed bok choy.



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