Mushroom Trio

I do what I call ‘tuna trio’ with our sushi grade tuna.  I prepare 3 separate tuna preparations on the same plate.  It allows me to experiment with different flavor profiles and hopefully add something to my repertoire to make again.  Some preparations may not make the grade and could get modified or dropped from the future menus altogether.

Since I have 6–10 lbs of porcini we just foraged, I have lots of mushrooms to play with.  While I dehydrated bunches, there is nothing like fresh porcini.  So I decided to do a mushroom trio – 3 different preparations of fresh porcini on the same plate.


From right to left we have:

  1.  Nostursium Leaves – Red pepper sauce – Boursin – butter pan roasted porcini
  2. Greek yogurt – grilled lemon – thyme – parsley – pan seared porcini
  3.  Bresole (thin sliced italian cured beef) wrapped around Bacon chipotle cheddar mash potato – tomato, garlic cream sauce – pan seared porcini

And the winner is…….

Number 1 – far left.  While they were all good, the red pepper sauce and the boursin cheese wonderfully complemented the nutty meaty texture of the porcini.

Though those bresole wrapped potato mash were good all by themselves!

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