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Peach Shrimp

Years ago I had a friend that introduced me to this old appetizer.  I haven’t made it in forever, but it was at the time a go-to appetizer.  He started with a quick filling of pre-cooked bay shrimp (the small ones), mayonnaise, and chili sauce.  He put the filling in a halved avocado.  The avocado was pre-scored and easy to eat and went very well with the shrimp filling.

shrimp peach_IR.jpg

It’s peach season, and I have lots of really nice peaches, so i resurrected this old appetizer, using yogurt instead of mayonnaise… and a peach that I enlarged the pit hole for the receptacle.  I dressed it with a bit of cilantro and sprinkling of oregano.  It was fresh, juicy, and delicious.  Definitely an easy make again.  Yum.


Tomato Skewers

We had this as one of our courses at Raku while in Vegas (you can read about the Best Thing I Ever Ate… here ….).  It is so simple to make… and utterly tasty.


You simple skewer grape tomatoes with a quarter slice of raw bacon wrapped around the exterior… poking the skewer through the seam where the bacon overlaps over the tomato… and grill until charred.  That’s it!  The tomato pops in your mouth, juicy, hot, and literally bursting with flavor with the salty maplesque of the bacon wrap.  Super good.  Super easy.  Love it.

It’s true.. everything IS better with bacon.

Avocado Tartare

I’m always on the look out for good easy appetizers.  I want something simple to make, yet fresh and delicious to eat.  Nothing too heavy, as I still have a nice dinner coming.


This avocado tartare fit the bill nicely with a colorful presentation and textural delight.  The tartare was made very similar to a beef tartare, with chopped up avocado instead of beef, and the additional of capers, diced onion, cilantro, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, and minced jalapeño.  I put it in a ring mold for a striking presentation… then fried my egg in the same ring mold to mimic the circular shape.  I served it with our own house smoked salmon and home made lavosh crackers.  It was perfect.  The running egg added a great creaminess to the rich tartare, while the pop of briney capers paired perfectly with the succulent salty salmon.  Definitely a make again.