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Shrimp Skewers


This is my version of BBQ’d shrimp skewers.  I love bacon wrapped shrimp… and I love bacon wrapped tomatoes… so why not combine them.  I wrapped the shrimp in a quarter piece of bacon (partially pre-cooked in microwave), and alternated grape tomatoes on the skewer.  I painted spicy BBQ sauce on over the entire skewer and grilled until the shrimp were cooked through and the tomatoes just lightly blistered.

I served it with a cheesey polenta… and enjoyed. 🙂



Tomato Skewers

We had this as one of our courses at Raku while in Vegas (you can read about the Best Thing I Ever Ate… here ….).  It is so simple to make… and utterly tasty.


You simple skewer grape tomatoes with a quarter slice of raw bacon wrapped around the exterior… poking the skewer through the seam where the bacon overlaps over the tomato… and grill until charred.  That’s it!  The tomato pops in your mouth, juicy, hot, and literally bursting with flavor with the salty maplesque of the bacon wrap.  Super good.  Super easy.  Love it.

It’s true.. everything IS better with bacon.

Bacon wrapped trout

Everything is better with bacon, right?  That’s what I keep hearing.

So I mentioned in an earlier post that we have great neighbors that share their trout with us.  We are fortunate enough to have this great product to play with.  So how to elevate whole trout… why not wrap it in bacon?

trout blurbackPSi.JPG

It makes sense… the bacon grease drips onto the trout flavoring it from the outside in.

We salt & peppered the trout inside and out, then stuffed the inside with slices of lemon.  Then we put one slice of uncooked bacon on each side of the trout, then tied it with kitchen twine.  Then we cooked it on the grill, flipping it several times to keep it from burning.

In truth I prefer a simple crispy skin trout… but it was fun to try something new.

Eggscellent Eggs

We recently got back from a big adventure traveling the back roads, camping, hoteling, and doing the National Parks in southern Utah: Canyonlands, Arches, Capitol Reef.  You can check out posts of our adventures here and here.

We ate well the whole time, and admittedly our best meals were the ones we made ourselves.  We went fully provisioned to make our own meals on our grill and Coleman stove….and we never had a bad meal.

We ate out 3 times in 2 weeks… and the best meal we had out was at a quirky little shop in Escalante, Utah called Escalante Outfitters.  This cute shop is not only a nice gear store selling books, t-shirts, and hiking equipment, but also rents cabins… and has a great little restaurant.  Had the weather been better when we were there (and not predicting heavy snows) we would have stayed awhile.

But as it were, we wanted to get over the 9600′ pass before the snow came in. As a result we were only there for a quick overnight.  But fortunately we opted to stop in for breakfast at this charming spot.

I ordered the ‘Eggs in a Basket’, for which I am very grateful.  It was great!  It was one of those meals you want to take home with you, in terms of the recipe.  The baker was fabulous and explained in detail just how to make it.  So it was the first thing we made the morning after we got home.  It was absolutely Eggscellent.


Escalante Outfitters Eggs in a Basket

  • Cut a cooked croissant in half and roll out with rolling pin.
  • Put croissant in a greased muffin tin, pressing into corners.
  • In the bottom of croissant sprinkle shredded mozzarella cheese & diced bell peppers.
  • Line the croissant sides with baked bacon (bake strips at 400F for 20 minutes).
  • Crack a raw egg into croissant ‘basket’.  Sprinkle with salt, parsley, and paprika.
  • Bake at 350F for 20 – 25 minutes.
  • Serve with hollandaise if desired.