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Mushroom Feast

We have recently taken on a new hobby of mushroom foraging.  With the help of a club and mushroom experts (mycologists) we are building our confidence and pantries with mushroom goodness.  You can read about our new ‘hobby’ here.

We recently put our haul to good use with a Mushroom Fest Feast… a four course dinner centered around the different dried and fresh varieties we were collecting.  So we invited friends and shared our wealth of goodness.

Each of these course I labored over with great thought to try to best highlight the different mushroom types.  All the mushrooms we collected ourselves.

Course 1:  Porcini – Beef

When I think of porcini, I think of that amazing beefiness that is the trademark of this amazing mushroom.. so why not pair it with beef.

  • Pan seared fresh porcini
  • Quick fried thin sliced rib eye
  • Chili-garlic aioli
  • Fresh thyme
  • De-hydrated corn crunch
  • Espellete pepper


porcini beef_Ssi.JPG

Course 2:  Fresh Oyster & Chanterelle cream sauce, crispy skin chicken, and crispy noodle

Chanterelles love cream, so why not make a crispy fried chicken and al-dente noodle that is fried to give it a crisp edge and crunch with this mushroomy voluptuous sauce.

noodlefry chantrelle_Ssi.JPG

Course 3:  Porcini & Morel risotto with Pork Tenderloin

Risotto can be labor intensive, but it yields a super creamy intense texture and flavor when paired with the richness of mushrooms.  I used dried porcini & morel + fresh porcini for this creamy rice side for our pork tenderloin.

morel risotto pork_Ssi.JPG

Course 4:  Oddball mushroom dessert

Mushrooms for dessert?  Why not!  This surprising dish WORKED!  I was so impressed.  It had texture, balance, and flavor in spades.  It was really good.  I used de-hydrated Cauliflower mushroom that I seared and sprinkled over the other components.  It was delicious… who’d a thunk it?!

  • Cauliflower mushroom
  • Peach dice
  • Avocado cubes
  • Fried crispy fresh oregano leaves
  • Parmesan snow
  • Golden syrup
  • Smoked olive oil
  • fresh basil
  • Chocolate covered toffee chips

mush dessert_Ssi.JPG