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Omnivore salt

I’m a salt freak.

I admit it.  I don’t know how many different salts I own… but it’s more than a few. I have Australian Murray River sea salt, alder smoked sea salt, Jurassic salt, French fleur de sel, gray salt, maldon salt from the UK, and the list goes on.

To non salt lovers it must sound weird.  Why on earth do you need so many salts?

The truth is I’m an addict!  But really, they do taste different.  I love doing salt tastings for novices… it’s a great eye opening experience for the uninitiated.  Our first salt tasting that turned us on to the whole salt thing, many years ago before salt was ‘a thing’,  was at none other than The French Laundry in Napa Valley.  Yes, that French Laundry, Thomas Keller’s famous world class restaurant.

The multi course meal was mind blowing.  We were most of the way through it, and as much as I love salt, I never felt a need for it throughout the meal.  But we came to this lovely lamb dish, and I wanted salt.  My husband thought I was insane, asking for salt in such a fine restaurant establishment.  But I wanted salt for the lamb, it needed it.  When we asked for it we were convinced that the poor waiter would be shot on the spot when he went back into the kitchen and told of our need for salt.  Instead, the same waiter appeared, unscathed, with a platter full of different salts.  Each salt was in a different sort of container with a different spoon.  One in a miniature silver terrene, one in a carved wooden bowl, etc.  There was smoked salt, and red salt, and Jurassic salt.  Oh my!  He proceeded to put a little pile of each salt on a little plate for us, explaining what each was.  Being my first exposure to such ludicrousy we were in love.  We sampled each salt and lingered over that lamb course.  To this day, I forget how the lamb was… but oh, that salt!  It changed our lives!

We actually pair salts to different foods. Smoked salt is great with grilled meats, but French fleur de del is great with grilled vegetables, etc.

So when we saw this Omnivore Salt in Bon Appetit, we had to try it.  I am pretty particular about my salt these days.  I loathe the stuff in shakers, sold in cardboard containers.  We bring our own salt grinder to restaurants… and I give away salt cellars to people whose homes we frequent for dinner.

The Omnivore Salt is a ‘seasoned salt’.  In other words, it’s not a salt from far reaching corners of the world, it’s a salt mixture.  It’s mostly salt with seasoning… black pepper, chili pepper flakes, etc. as additives to the salt.  The list of ingredients is vague, calling for salt and spices.  But it’s a good mix.  We like it.  And for now, it’s the salt we are using.

omnivore salti