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Brussel Sprout Salad

For me the measure of a good trip is two-fold.  I know, it’s ‘did you have a good time’?  But for me I had a good time if (1) I got good photographs, and (2) if I had good meals… added bonus, if I left with inspiration to make great meals at home.

Granted fun activities always add to the depth of any good holiday.  Yet, somehow our activities always find us in some food market, farmer’s market, or specialty stores.

During our recent trip to California we came home with all kinds of inspiration, and have been eating well since our return.  This particular salad was inspired by both Mozza and Social in Costa Mesa.. yet to be fair is nothing like either salad that each restaurant offered.  Nonetheless, their salad gave the inspiration for this yummy salad.

If you don’t like brussel sprouts, this salad will convert you.  If you’re just not willing to give them a try, shredded romaine lettuce would work equally well.  I cut the hard core ends off, then shredded the brussel sprouts into a pile of fine threads.   Meanwhile I made a Caesar dressing with homemade mayo (egg yolk, lemon, mustard, olive oil), anchovy diced, more mustard, olive oil, and lemon + finely grated parmesan.

With the shredded brussel sprouts and dressing standing by, I grated a pile of parmesan and a pile of finely grated jamon.  I toasted some panko bread crumbs with a little salt and parsley until nice and toasty brown.

Now I was ready to assemble and serve.  I tossed the brussel sprout threads with the dressing, and add a few halved grape tomatoes.  I piled the salad high on a plate… then put the finely grated parmesan, jamon, and bread crumbs on top…. and wa-la.

bs salad_Ssi.JPG

I served it with sautéed shrimp around the salad.  I loved the crunch of the bread crumbs, and the saltiness of the parmesan and jamon.  It was great.  I’d definitely make again.

Spanish Serrano Ham


Just in time for the holidays!

Costco sent out a flyer recently.  Usually their flyers immediately go into the ‘recycle’ barrel.  But this grabbed my eye… spanish ham, serrano jamon, to be exact… for sale through Costco, delivered to your door.  A whole ham, enough to share with your favorite friends and family.

It didn’t take us long to snag our ‘whiles supplies last’  jamon.  Watch out the word is bound to get out, and lines may start forming out the door.

Our maiden voyage, once we had the ham in house, took us all the way back to the tapas bars in Madrid, Spain.  The simple taste of that salty, smokey ham with that luscious melt-in-your-mouth fat was so amazing and reminiscent of our tour through the cobblestoned streets of Plaza Mayor that is was like taking that trip all over again.  Our conversations are all the sudden turning to our next European vacation.  Go figure.