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Best Thing I Ever Ate

There is a show on Food Network, called Best Thing I Ever Ate.  I guess if we all thought hard enough we could come up with something.  If we’re lucky, more than one something.

I’ve actually written about this before, and the Best Thing I Ever Ate were these pork candy goodies from a long defunct restaurant.  But that’s ok, because this past week it toppled from it’s pedestal and was replaced by something we had at Raku in Las Vegas, NV.

It’s no secret that I love to be WOW’d by food, both in restaurants and at home.  I’m not looking for some chef that can flex his technique-dejour.  Just because he just learned how to make foam or gelatin or some other IN thing, doesn’t necessarily make it good… just over used.

I’ll preface this to say, I love soft shelled crab.  Now I get that that’s not everyone’s thing.  But for me, the crunchy exterior, and luscious interior is just awesome.

So, without further ado… check this out:

crab platePSi.JPG

These are river crabs.  I had never heard of them.  But you have to admit, this presentation is amazing.  I couldn’t capture them well enough to convey the awesomeness we felt when they delivered this platter of cooked river crabs.  Talk about unbelievable finger food.


So, YES, you just pop one of these tiny little guys in your mouth and crunch through the crunchy soft shell to the soft interior.  I ate them in two bites, and savored them.

crabfight rtPSi.JPG

I get that these are not everyone’s thing, and to some it might look more like Fear Factor than Best Thing I Ever Ate.  For me, they were the best.  They totally wow’d me.  The people next to us even took a photo.

Whether you like these little guys or not, if ever in Las Vegas, Raku, has an amazing tasting menu that I can never get enough of.  It’s worth the trip.  Just GO!