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Spanish Serrano Ham


Just in time for the holidays!

Costco sent out a flyer recently.  Usually their flyers immediately go into the ‘recycle’ barrel.  But this grabbed my eye… spanish ham, serrano jamon, to be exact… for sale through Costco, delivered to your door.  A whole ham, enough to share with your favorite friends and family.

It didn’t take us long to snag our ‘whiles supplies last’  jamon.  Watch out the word is bound to get out, and lines may start forming out the door.

Our maiden voyage, once we had the ham in house, took us all the way back to the tapas bars in Madrid, Spain.  The simple taste of that salty, smokey ham with that luscious melt-in-your-mouth fat was so amazing and reminiscent of our tour through the cobblestoned streets of Plaza Mayor that is was like taking that trip all over again.  Our conversations are all the sudden turning to our next European vacation.  Go figure.